~*Mikisha Anne*~ (radiant_redhead) wrote,
~*Mikisha Anne*~

Well... Nick, Arianna and I moved into our apartment... its exciting. Its small but I like it a lot. Macavity (our bengal) loves it here. He acts like a jungle cat all day... running around attacking things... including feet.
My hair is curly again which is super exciting... its just so much easier to take care of that way. I loved where I got it done... .all the hair dressers were so nice and helpful with the baby while I was getting it done... which I guess if you're spending $100 there they should give your baby he pacifier when she drops it. But I definitely found my new salon.
Arianna discovered her hands... all day she just puts them together and takes them apart... its amazing how fascinated she is with them. She loves playing with Nicks hands too... but not mine :( Ariel says its because she is so used to mine... which makes since. Well I just got done working out and need some water so I guess I'll end this entry here... good luck with college everyone :-)

~*Mikisha Anne*~
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