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Tri State

Well, Tri State was better this year. I was really proud of how much I've improoved in a year. Last year when I went I sat like 7th chair, and this year I was one of only two piccolo players that they actually specified to play piccolo. I was really really happy about that. I guess hard work really does pay off.
I met more people this year too, and I think I just had a better time in general. Maybe its becuase I felt more confident because I placed higher... that is probably it...
I talked to the flute professor after the master class about being a preformance major, and she had some enocuriging things to say about it. " Just do what it is that you love to do and everything will fall into place" she also said that it is a good major to have if you want a family... and that was neet because I'm going to have a family soon... but of course she didn't know that.I'm silly and think its a sign :-)

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